Anwar Yousef

General and Digital forensics

Anwar Yousef

Forensics Researcher

Anwar Youssef is a gernral and digital  forensic student.
At the same time I'am also Cyber Security resarcher .

Experience in Security Operation Center , Programing in Python ,OS linux +windows,Cloud Computing , Networks, Incident Response, Pentration Testing,Digital Forensic , UAV Security . 

I have certificates in cybersecurity and networks " Cisco Ops , SSCP , CCFP ,JUNOS Cloud and Network ..

languages: Arabic, English, German and Persian : ) 

I love politics and write about it, in addition also  history and sociology


My research focuses on cybersecurity and Forensics . I always try to link cybersecurity events to all aspects of life and their effects, such as political events, I have many articles about it.

I have several papers and books about cybersecurity
What has been published now : 

1- Linux + for Cyber Security.

2- Jerusalem Cyber Security Dictionary .

3- Analytical Study of Stuxnet Attacks on Iranian nuclear reactors.

Areas of Projects

As a Founder of CSIRT (Palestinian Computer Security Incident Response Team ) , we are looking for researchers and specialists of PALESTINIAN nationality to join to PCSIRT in the following fields:
Beginner - Medium - Professional.
1- Cyber Security.
2- programming.
3- malware Analysis .
4- Digital Forensics.
5- Security Operations Centers analysis . SOC ,SIEM
6- Big Data and data analysis.
7- Artificial intelligence and machine language.
8- Aerospace specialist UAV
9- Reverse Engineering. 
10 -Technical blogger.
11- Designer.

f0r m0r3 info c0ntact m3  on :


- Forensics


- SIEM , SOC (Qradar, Splunk)


- Python 


- Incident Response 


- Penteration Testing

- Cyber Security Awareness

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