Anwar Yousef

General and Digital forensics

Analytical study of Staxnet attacks on Iranian nuclear reactors


 By : Anwar Youssef

Research Highlights


1. Physical Weakness  in industrial control systems in Iranian nuclear Bases.

2.  Software Weakness and security in  industrial control systems in Natanz nuclear Bases .

3. What is Stuxnet .

4. Reverse engineering of Stuxnet . 

Jerusalem Dictionary of Cyber Security

By : Anwar Yousef

Is the first Arabic dictionary to contain the terms of cyber security translated and annotated in Arabic and English.


Dictionary Highlights


1.The dictionary is arranged by English alphabet .

2. It contains a huge amount of cybersecurity terms .

3. Ease of searching and understanding .

4.  The term is explained in detail .

Linux for cyber security researchers
By :  Anwar Youssef


Book Highlights


1.  Linux Sysyem History .

2. File in Linux and the commands uses in it .

3. How to deal with the sysyem to become  on the way with Linux.

4. Web Pentester Full Commands .

5. Compita Linux + exam.

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